Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Even the most careful drivers amongst us will admit to having clipped the odd kerb whilst parking! In days of old with wheel trims this wasn’t an expensive habit to keep but alloy wheels cost serious money to replace. Re-sale value can be severely affected when you have damaged alloy wheels, they are one of the obvious areas where damage shows.

Whether you have kerbed, scuffed or just corrosion to your wheels they need professional restoration to make them look like new. Many body shops and specialists will do this for you, but you will be without your wheels for several days with your car going nowhere fast!

Why not ask Sutton Auto Finish to repair the damage and make 1 or even all 4 to look like new for a fraction of the cost! Whether your car has 13″ silver or 22″ diamond cut wheels and no matter what the finish, Sutton Auto Finish can repair without fuss. Using the exact paint colour from your vehicle we will mix your alloy wheels paint colour to match. Within 2 hours your car will be ready to be driven away, back to a showroom standard.

But what will all this cost? Well we think you will be pleasantly surprised, many of our customers have reportedly saved over £40 per wheel compared to typical body shop prices for the same repair. All this can be carried out when and where is convenient for you, so don’t worry about not having your car, its going nowhere – we are coming to you!

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