Dented Bodywork

How frustrating is it to find someone has just put a dent in your car and driven away? Once you know a dent is there it's impossible to ignore! A dent looks unsightly and no amount of cleaning your car ever improves the look of one. More Information


Scuffs & Repairs

Scuffs to your bumper not only look ugly but can seriously affect the re-sale value of your car. Quite often this sort of damage can look a lot worse than it really is. All newer cars have plastic bumpers, most finished in the same paint as the rest of the car body. Once scuffed or when the paint has been broken it needs professional painting and finishing. More Information


Alloy Repairs

Even the most careful drivers amongst us will admit to having clipped the odd kerb whilst parking! In days of old with wheel trims this wasn’t an expensive habit to keep but alloy wheels cost serious money to replace. Re-sale value can be severely affected when you have damaged alloy wheels, they are one of the obvious areas where damage shows. More Information

Vandal Scratches

Scratch Repair

Have you just got back to your car to find it scratched buy another car owner or even dented by a supermarket trolley? Vandal damage has seen a huge increase in the last 10 years with more and more people not admitting to damaging someone else’s car for fear of footing the massive repair bill! More Information


Car Paint Repairs

Car paint scratches don't look good to any car owner and are an excuse for a potential buyer to knock hundreds of £'s off the value off your cherished car. Not only this but long term a scratch will turn to rust on metal panels, eating away and leading you to incur even bigger repair bills in the future. More Information